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Currently, Walker/Fitzgibbon is developing several film projects, receiving major Hollywood interest. One such project in development under the working title - The Miami River Cops: Dirty Water is a film based on a true story and historical moments in time from the infamous police scandal in the cocaine-crazed era in Miami in the mid-1980s amidst the exodus of Cuban immigrants in the struggle of Good vs. Evil, heroism, murder and intrigue. The film is a convincing story waiting to be told.

A circumnavigation of the globe in search of the world's Hottest Chili Pepper

In this unusual and humorous observational docu-reality series, thrill-seeking Fear Factor USA winner Mark Hewlett sets off on a global quest to find the most fiery and frightening food in the world: the ultimate hottest Chili pepper.

HUNT FOR HOT - will see our epicurean Indiana Jones visit the world's wildest destinations on a mission that traces the ancient spice routes of Christopher Columbus. With all the intrigue, danger and excitement of a modern day quest for the Holy Grail, he will lead us on an expedition to the farthest flung corners of the earth and back. His fearless yearn for the burn will take him into the plant's place of origin in the lowlands of Brazil, up through the Americas, into Europe, around the tip of Africa, and right across Asia.

Throughout this adventure series, Mark will make his way to remote towns and villages and immerse himself in the local cultures and customs on his HUNT FOR HOT. He'll meet up with witch doctors and Voodoo priests who for centuries have utilized chili to heal everything from stab wounds to diabetes. In South Africa, Mark will chase down elephants using chili smoke to deter them from eating their crops. In Panama he'll learn from the Cuna Indians how to ward off sharks with strings of chilies.

On his travels, Mark will meet up with chili farmers who are also in a race of their own to beat the current Guinness World Record holder of the hottest chili pepper, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. He'll meet up with chefs, third world celebrities, and locals who will aid him in his pursuit of the hottest peppers - from the trees to the hottest sauces, sambals, salsa, and peri-peri dishes known to mankind. He will introduce us to the chili underground - with whispered rumors and legends that hold the key to this king of peppers.

Our man will not be relying on his taste buds alone in his hunt. He will have the backup of the scientific research team at the "Chili Institute of New Mexico". Samples of chili peppers and sauces gathered from each country will be sealed and shipped so that their heat can be tested and measured under laboratory conditions.

Mark will fly to the Chili Institute to rendezvous with selected Chiliheads and Gurus of chili pepper that he has met along the way, who have offered their secrets. These "Sultans of Sweat" will endure a firestorm of flavour, then vote as to which is the hottest. Finally, Institute scientists will reveal only to Mark, the ultimate "nuclear" chili, as determined by their scientific measure of its heat index: its Scoville Unit reading.

To reveal the winner to the viewing audience, Mark, thousands of feet up in the air, will parachute from a plane to his final destination to surprise the winner, surrounded by family and friends, and crown HUNT FOR HOT'S Champion of Chilis.

Mark Hewlett's travels have taken him from crocodile hunting in the Nile river in Uganda, to the radio waves across New Zealand, and from the lion parks of Zimbabwe to the lion's den of reality television. Households across the US fell in love with him as Fear Factor's first grand champion, and now in HUNT FOR HOT he invites the viewer to follow him on an extraordinary global adventure.

Let the hunt begin!

Executive Producer: Mo Fitzgibbon mo@walkerfitzgibbon.com 323-878-0500

"As America votes on the best sketch comedy group in the nation. From Miami to New York, Chicago to L.A. It's Million-Dollar Sketch Off. After weeks of nationwide auditions, 13 of the best groups in the nation are flown to L.A. for a series of elimination rounds that bring us to the final 3. The only thing between them and a million dollars in Hollywood contracts are the celebrity judges, and the votes of the American public.

Based on the existing International Sketch Comedy Championships, an annual event where sketch groups from all over the United States compete to win the coveted championship.

The Top 13 Groups will be flown to Los Angeles, for 9 weeks. After the tryouts, a series of elimination shows featuring special guests (name comedic actors) who would actually work with the different groups and even perform sketches along side them.

Each week a panel of industry judges would rate the groups and America votes to determine who stays and who goes each week. The series will culminate with a final live event in a theater in Los Angeles where the winning group will be crowned and win a million dollars in Hollywood contracts.

The show content will include segments featuring the groups collaborating with their celebrity guests to prepare their skits, interviews of group members, interviews of the celebrities, features on any conflict and drama among or within the groups and their live performances along with judge reviews and ratings.

Everyone is looking for something that hasn't been done in reality. Sketch comedy is that new unexplored frontier! So many of today's biggest blockbuster stars come from sketch comedy

Tina Fey, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Dan Ackroyd, Eddie Murphy...just to name a few from hit shows like Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, and In Living Color. The list goes on and on.

With the drama of seeing the groups living together and preparing their weekly challenges while interacting with their celebrity mentor and the hysterically funny live performances each week, the "Million Dollar Sketch Off" offers a wide appeal to be America's next big television hit!"

An exclusive new television series that follows an amazing woman who uses her military intelligence background and unrelenting spirit to solving missing-child cases that have gone cold or just plain been given up on by authorities.

Created by Dinorah Perry, Paul Lawrence, and Mo Fitzgibbon.

CENTAC, headquartered in Washington D.C., was the first convert operational team organized under the DEA in the 1970s. The agents were assigned to numerous missions to pursue the most powerful drug kingpins and their organizations worldwide. Known to take down criminals at the cost of their own personal lives, the agents encounter near death experiences, love affairs and sacrifice the lives of others to complete an operation. These missions concentrated primarily on four major targets: one led by a wealthy, homicidal, power-obsessed Cuban named Alberto Sicilia-Falcon (CENTAC 12); another by a young American entrepreneur known as the Henry Ford of the Marijuana industry named Donald Steinberg (CENTAC 20); a third masterminded by a vicious Chinese mobster named Lu Hsu-Shui (CENTAC 24); and the last one involving real-life Miami cops conspiring to take the war on drugs into their own hands (CENTAC 26).

Created by Michael Cornacchia

Underneath all the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles lies a world filled with crime, corruption, and murder. At the helm of this crime syndicate is the West Coast's most powerful crime family, the Pacellis. Run by Gabriel and his brother, Amos; the Pacelli family deals in all aspects of criminal activities from gambling, drug trafficking to porn, and from murder to kidnapping. Watch the Pacellis as they journey into legitimate businesses in the music and movie biz in an unorthodox manner…Hollywood style.

In the first season, the Pacellis are threatened by an unknown enemy who plans to take down the family and gain control of the Pacellis criminal empire. Will this unknown adversary be able to accomplish their subversive plan? Or will the Pacellis and the loyal members of their family prevail?

A situational follow reality series featuring the top poker players in the neighborhood. Gamble with the gals as they hustle, shock, and laugh together living the retired life in the modern world.

The Ultimate Poker Game with the girls!

Created by Ronni Kairey & Mo Fitzgibbon

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